This is a thoughtful visitor analytics plugin for wordpress, it analyses visitor’s cookie and ip, from these two features and visitor’s behavior you almost can defined who the visitor was. Once defined, he/she was under your surveillance, you can greet to him directly.

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  1. B4x4 2012-11-21
    @00:39 Reply

    To bad.
    I loved this plugin.

  2. B4x4 2012-11-20
    @06:11 Reply

    Are you comming with a new version soon???? :-)
    I miss it..

    (aka Not working in last update…)

  3. Suny Tse2012-11-20
    @23:03   to  B4x4Reply

    Hi B4x4,
    This plugin wont be updated for a long time.

  4. Rick 2012-05-13
    @22:56 Reply

    Sorry, I tried to say that the IPs I put in the list are NOT been banned.

    Please let me know any ideas to get it working.

    WP version – 3.3.2

  5. Rick 2012-05-13
    @22:53 Reply

    Thank you for this plugin. I find it perfect for screening those willing to be hackers. I wish to know how the IP banner works. Does it write the .htaccess file? I tried using that function, but IPs in the list are been banned. I love the part where you can state a reason for the ban and would like to have it working.

    Could it be that it is not working because I am using WP v3.3.2?

    Thank you!

  6. Suny Tse2012-05-13
    @23:08   to  RickReply

    I don't know whether it works in version 3.3.2 but it works in previous version. I have activate the plugin for several months for my hosting and db concern.

  7. Robin 2011-04-24
    @20:33 Reply

    The ability to block out administrative IP’s. I dont’ need to see that in the analytics view.

    Also, this is a better look up tool.

    Lastly, change it from:

    You Are Ban!


    You are banned!

    (better English)

  8. Suny Tse2011-04-24
    @22:56   to  RobinReply

    Good, i will changed these.

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