Live Calendar Usage

1. Web Client
(1) Setting up your own calendar page by posting a new page,  adding the following code to page content.

Old version (still works) :

{CALENDAR}        // show all calendar
{TODAYS_EVENTS}      // show all today's events
{UPCOMING_EVENTS}     // show all upcoming events

New version (from version 1.8.3)

<calendar>user_name_1</calendar>     // show user_name_1 's calendar
<today>user_name_1</today>   // show today's events of user_name_1 
<upcoming>user_name_1</upcoming>   //show upcoming events of user_name_1

(2) Create a new event by click ‘Manage Calendar’. It’s recommended to create a event category first.

(3) Create you favarite setting in ‘Calendar Options’.

(4) Add “Live Calendar” widget to your sidebar. There are three types of widgets, ‘Event Calendar’, ‘Recent Events’, ‘Upcoming Events’.

(5) Option ” Max character to truncate?” only take a part in page calendar.

2. Mobile Client
(1) Open your mobile browser and navigate to http://yoursite/wp-content/plugins/live-calendar/mobile.

(2) Click on “Menu +“, and then select “Add New” if you want to post a new event.

(3) Fill the event form. Location information will filled automatically, you just need to type a location name.

(4) After entering an event detail page you can edit/delete it via clicking on the “Edit +“.

(5) If you are using a iphone/ipad, it’s recommended to create a shortcut on your desktop.


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  1. Jessica 2013-12-02
    @03:58 Reply

    我的是单用户站点。WP版本是3.7.1中文版。Live Calendar是1.9.6。

  2. Suny Tse2013-12-03
    @00:24   to  JessicaReply


  3. Jessica2013-12-03
    @02:49   to  Suny TseReply


  4. yalan 2013-08-20
    @15:34 Reply

    请教一下,已经成功下载并安装live calendar, 在“事件管理(Manage Calendar)”中,我想添加一个未来的事件预告,不知何故老是显示”无法找到你所提交的事件“,请问是什么原因,是在此之前需要做什么设置么?

  5. Suny2013-08-26
    @00:02   to  yalanReply


  6. yalan2013-08-26
    @16:28   to  SunyReply

    版本是1.9.6。 是版本的关系么?

  7. Suny Tse2013-08-26
    @22:03   to  yalanReply


  8. Stephan 2012-12-13
    @07:05 Reply

    why this error?
    how to fix?
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/freemark1/domains/ on line 34 and defined in /home/freemark1/domains/ on line 990

  9. Suny2012-12-13
    @11:07   to  StephanReply

    Hi Stephan, This warning is caused by WP3.5 upgrade. The "prepare" has changed. New version of Live-Calendar will be released within 2 days to handle this.

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