What is QQ

Today, a news comes into my sight that tencent has release QQ2009 of English version . A concise WEB2.0 style website ImQQ.com is ! So ,what is QQ, just like tencent crop. says:

With more than 800 million registered users and 300 million monthly active users . QQ is both the most popular instant messenger service and the largest online community in the world.

In China, QQ is not just a way to communicate—it’s a phenomenon, a part of culture, and a daily necessity.

Compare to msn ,what advantages that QQ have? For me ,i use QQ as well as msn as my instant messaging tool. Most of my friends have QQ account ,but few have msn account . to be honest , i don’t even have a close friend in msn . Sad as this is, since graduated from university, fewer friends are online .

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  1. suny 2009-01-26
    @01:30 Reply

    But what’s ur QQ number?

  2. prince 2009-01-25
    @19:45 Reply

    add me

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