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  1. 乐者 2011-01-14
    @14:36 Reply

    嗯哪… 好香 哈哈

  2. Nana 2010-12-03
    @02:51 Reply

    Your plug-in zoom-highslide fine.
    But there is a problem in its use.
    When a page a lot of great pictures, the site for a long time to boot.
    How can a zoom-highslide add a method of jquery-image-lazy-loading?
    Combine the two plugins together, and it would be great!
    Excuse my English, I used Google translator.

  3. Suny Tse2010-12-03
    @10:46   to  NanaReply

    Yes, it indeed a good feature. but sometimes it wastes more time from another point of view. Because it just started to load the images only when the images are in the view-width. And there exists another problem, it used jQuery, the size of this script is not small, although the plugin using the online js by google, external load time is needed.

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