In Louangnamtha

Ur leader MinG MinG has disappeared for quite a long time, but guys, don’t miss me~ i am fine. Now, i am in Louangnamtha, bounded on the north by China, on the west by Thailand and Burma and on the east by Vietnam. Detailed information is shown in the following map.


That’s to say, now, i am quite close to China mainland. Hehehh, i got it when i found that there are so many Chinese restaurants and shops. Quite more than other provinces. This suspect has been verified by the map.

It’s quite like a single-handed journey, i am out by myself, expert the driver, no local staff accompanied. But i am not alone, once had arrived at the capital of the province, the LTC(Lao Telecommunications) local engineers would keep me accompany, though their english are quite bad. Local engineer of LTC in Oudomxai accompanied me can only speak, “sir”, “ok”, “optical power”, etc. quite simple phrase. OMG.

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    The environment there is so clean and peaceful. Like it.

  4. cooleagle 2009-04-08
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    ” i bought a waterman at the roadside”,西瓜写错了,hoho


    waterman名词 n.

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